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But wait, do you want more personalized help with your specific wellness goals? Without having to sit through all these webinars or sift through my videos to find the ones relevant to your specific workstation, situation, or lifestyle?

Yes! I am ready to PLAN and DO whatever it takes to live a happier and healthier life at work and at home! 


I Understand that When I Act Now, I get a One-on-One, Private 45-Minute Wellness Strategy Call with Jessica, including:

  • An assessment of my current wellness situation
  • How to identify and create an achievable goal
  • A customized wellness plan to get me to my goal ASAP
  • How to immediately begin implementing this wellness plan
  • How to track my progress using visual, verbal, or auditory cues

I Understand that When I ACT NOW, I Also Get:

  • How to identify barriers that make me want to give up before reaching my goal
  • How prevent these barriers from even coming up
  • How to problem solve my barriers and their solution
  • How to use these solutions to deal with barriers if they arise
  • How to get right back on track ASAP when I feel derailed

If you purchase this Wellness Strategy Call at any other time, it will be full price ($200). This is only an offer for those attending this particular webinar. This offer is ONLY available right now on this page! 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

If this Wellness Strategy Call doesn't show me exactly how to put my wellness plan into place...if I don't get any support from Jessica to go through with my plan immediately, or if it fails to help move me in any direction closer to my goal, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked! 

I understand that I get all this for only $37...

Yes, usually these strategy sessions are $200 each. But when you buy right now before the webinar, I'm going to lower the price DRASTICALLY. 

Why? I want you to get the most out of this webinar. 

Posture plays such a huge part in your health and wellness, but it's often that big thorn in your side that you're constantly trying to ignore. So if you want to become a wellness expert for yourself before or even shortly after watching this webinar, you'll be 10x more likely to succeed with the free training videos I'm giving you.

Today, you can get a Wellness Strategy Call with me, with all the bonuses, all for only $37...which is over 80% OFF! 


To your health and wellness, 

Jessica May Tang 

P.S. Every minute you wait to book this Wellness Strategy Call is another minute of wasted energy thinking about failed wellness goals and New Year's resolution. Why? Because this call will give you at least one concrete strategy that increases your chances of success in reaching your goal. Simple as that.