Jessica is amazing at what she does. She really considers your whole person and teaches you what you can do independently to help yourself in the long run. She really ‘teaches you how to fish!’
— J., Hollywood, November, 2014
Jessica, I can never truly thank you enough! Working with you these last three months have brought me to a sought after level of well-being and good health. After two years of advances and setbacks, your guidance, your expertise, and encouragement have made me feel like my old self.

I feel privileged to have experienced your warm caring personality and your deep knowledge. Thank you for your intuitive understanding.
— D., Hollywood, January 2015
Jessica, your thoughtfulness and good work mean more than words can express. I learned so much from you. You are smart and know your job so well. I was privileged to have you as my therapist. The things you taught me have carried over into my life very well. Thanks again for all of your hard work and all I have learned.
— V., March, 2015
Jessica was referred to me by my Mother. I had never worked with an Occupational Therapist before so did not know what to expect but all the pre-work actual session and follow-up far exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t recommend Jessica highly enough for anyone at any age thinking about working with an OT.

Prior to our session, Jessica had us fill out forms so she could understand our lifestyle, any physical challenges and what we wanted to get out of our session. My husband and I are pretty healthy, fit individuals with some back and neck pain like any and all working professionals and parents.

Jessica came to our house very prepared and had taken a lot of time to review our pre-work materials and came to our initial session with worksheets and ideas— She asked us questions and then watched how we moved and operated in our everyday setting. She gave us great tips on how to keep our backs straight to reduce and prevent back pain, how to properly sit at our desks at work, and gave us so much practical advice that we had never thought about. She has such a wonderful bedside manner and is very good at explaining symptoms, challenges and solutions so it’s easy to implement in your every day life.
— A. and A., September, 2015