Pre-/Postpartum Management 

Families who are trying to have a baby deal with many lifestyle and role changes within their relationships. Oftentimes, these changes happen fast and are hard to stay in control of. Healthy couples who suddenly find themselves pregnant may need to deal with sudden role changes, scheduling constant doctor's visits, and squeezing in Lamaze classes when both partners are available. 

For couples who learn that they are unable to have a baby by conventional methods may deal with a mixture of grief, anger, and depression before coming to a decision of whether to try unconventional methods or to stop trying altogether. For those who decide to try in-vtiro methods or adoption, they must face the stress of financial management for the expensive method and fit multiple visits with various medical and social service professionals into their busy lives, among other concerns. Seeing a lifestyle consultant on a regular basis can help to uncover patterns or habits that inhibit or enable your ability to maintain or improve your quality of life.

Soon-to-be parents often experience high anxiety and stress when learning about the labor/delivery process and all that comes after it. They must learn about the ultrasound images, prenatal vitamins, diet and nutrition restrictions, epidurals, Lamaze breathing, etc. 

Then, after a child is born, new parents suddenly find themselves needing to learn how to care for a newborn, navigating their own relationship with other family members or friends, and trying to get enough sleep at the same time. 

I can help you make more seamless transitions from being a couple, to the well-adjusted couple who is trying to get pregnant, to the well-adjusted couple who cares for a child.