Chronic Pain Management

Trust, important in any relationship, is especially salient for a person in pain who is confronted on a daily basis by suspiciousness. Trust implies a genuine belief that a person experiences pain. Pain is what the person says it is, despite any statements to the contrary by other health professionals. Occupational therapists...believe in a person’s pain.
— Dr. Ann Neville-Jan, PhD, OTR from her American Journal of Occupational Therapy article, "Encounters in a World of Pain: An Autoethnography" (2003)

Chronic pain is one of the most under-treated conditions. Many people do not realize that pain is not a part of healthy aging, much less seek treatment to help manage their pain. 

People with chronic pain face not only continual discomfort, but also frustration, difficulty obtaining a balanced medication regimen, and sometimes even suspicion by others. 

I understand that chronic pain is subjective and complex. With my clinical ability to assess your physical, psychological, cognitive, social and emotional elements, I will help you learn how to cope with and manage your pain so that you can live the life at work and at home that you want.

In the meantime, check out my blog post "Chronic Pain: Use It or Lose It" for tips on managing and preventing exacerbation so chronic pain. 

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