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Work Well, Live Well

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  • Guidance through specially designed program called the Goal Achievement Framework to increase your chances to reach your goals

  • Q&As from 8am-6pm three times a week

  • One LIVE call with me once a week

  • Exclusive training videos to answer common group questions once a week

  • AND support via scripts/role-playing workshops so you can advocate for yourself and your needs to your family, friends, and employers

  • AND, AND first dibs on future webinars, workshops, courses, and classes 

  • AND, AND, AND special discounts to future services 


Valued at $1,500 a month 



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$1 (ONE DOLLAR, PPL!) for a 7 day trial



3 Months One-on-One Coaching

and WWLW Membership 

  • Super tailored information and collaboration to come up with a plan that works specifically for YOU, your habits, values, lifestyle, routines, activities, likes, and dislikes.
  • Four 1:1 calls with me each month, i.e. 12 calls total in a 3 month period

  • AND 1:1 guidance through the Goal Achievement Framework

  • AND, AND Support from me via FB Messenger and email

  • AND, AND, AND, you automatically become a member of the Work Well, Live Well private Facebook group where you get support from other members and additional training videos, live calls, and Q&As with me, as well as special discounts 


Valued at $2,500/month, or $7,500 for a 3 month committment




Your price  = $2997!

for a 3 month committment