Do you experience pain or fatigue at work that stops you from being able to concentrate and do your work as quickly as you would like to?

Have you seen multiple healthcare professionals, and you're still not back to where you'd like to be?

Are you up for using a different holistic method that only asks you to TRULY BELIEVE that you can live a life without pain and fatigue and to take ACTION STEPS towards this life?

In this book, you will learn: 

  • How to chart your pain, which is unique to you, and discover patterns of activities or foods that may be exacerbating your pain 
  • How to use basic pain management strategies throughout your daily activities to reduce/prevent pain and fatigue 
  • How to incorporate such pain management strategies in accordance with the patterns you've discovered 

The book will be released 10/22/16 - mark your calendars! 

You will ALSO learn: 

  • About mindset, posture, ergonomics, body mechanics, and stress and how it affects pain 
  • Basic pain management strategies that work across the board in all areas of your life 
  • Detailed strategies for each of the following areas of daily activities you typically do each day: 
    • Basic activities of daily living, like dressing, showering, eating, walking, sex, and more
    • Activities that help you interact with your environment, like child care, grocery shopping, cooking, managing medications 
    • Work 
    • Education, whether formal in school or informal learning in the news, blogs, magazines, etc. 
    • Play and leisure, which are the activities you do for fun 
    • Social participation