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Tuesday, 8/30/16, 6-7pm PST

DIY Ergonomics to Get Rid of Nagging Pain at Work...

and Land Your Next Promotion!




Featured Presenter:

Jessica May Tang, OTR/L, CEAS, PAMS



Are you tired of your nagging neck, shoulder, back, forearm, wrist, etc. (the list goes on!) pain interfering with your focus and ability to get things done at work? What if I told you that your sucky workstation is stopping you from producing your best work?  Making you feel tired and irritated all the time? And stopping you from being considered for that next pay raise?

In this free webinar, I will show you some of the easiest and most immediately applicable adjustments you can make to your workstation that can not only reduce pain and fatigue, but also help you work smarter, so that you can get back to working at your highest level of creativity! 


PLUS: You will also hear discussed...

  • How the placement of your phone affects efficiency during the workday...and how to fix it
  • How your body positioning in your chair or while standing affects your productivity...and how to fix it
  • How putting your foot on a footrest can ease low back pain when standing at your cool standing desk
  • How reducing the clutter on your desk can help you work harder and faster
  • How all of this can lead to fulfillment in your job
  • How all of this (and more!) can lead to your next big promotion 


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Share your most pressing questions and challenges in the chat below, and I'll do my best to answer before or during the webinar!  (My username is "jmaytang.")