Corporate Services Provided

Damon Wellness Consulting is here to support you and your company in saving money, preventing workplace injuries and absenteeism, and improving employee communication, productivity, and wellness. Company priorities are analyzed and an entire cost-efficient wellness program is designed for your company, including wellness education in the form of group workshops and individual coaching. The main focus is on making long-term changes to help you build the greatest, most innovative team that thrives on making a great impact in the world, as well as saving a ton of money on worker's comp claims, healthcare costs, turnover rates, etc. 


Manhattan Package

  • Full service analysis or current state of wellness/engagement with surveys and employee interviews 
  • Monthly 60 min workshops on relevant topics to address employee needs and wants 

Los Angeles Package

  • Full service analysis or current state of wellness/engagement with surveys and employee interviews 
  • Monthly 60 min workshops on relevant topics to address employee needs and wants 
  • 5 hours of individual success & wellness coaching to improve productivity and engagement 

San Francisco Package 

  • Full service analysis or current state of wellness/engagement with surveys and employee interviews 
  • Monthly 60 min workshops on relevant topics to address employee needs and wants 
  • Ergonomic assessments for employees
  • 10 hours of individual success & wellness coaching to improve productivity and engagement


This is not for you and your company if...

You think that all wellness needs are already being met and you're saving a ton/the MAX amount of money doing it. 

You believe that the wellness program you offer is already THE BEST EVER and nobody else can tell you otherwise.

You are confident that you are already doing everything you can to help your company grow and succeed.

You trust that your ergonomic consultant made the right decision in asking you to fork over tens of thousands of dollars to buy the exact same workstation setup or chair for everyone.


Why invest in keeping your people happy and healthy? 

Instead of a temporary bandaid to cover up symptoms of larger things at play, wellness solutions that come from a full service analysis and focus on long-term results produce a larger and more sustainable impact, especially on the individual level. An investment in healthier in investment in a healthier and more successful business. 

One of the biggest injury risks in office settings is musculoskeletal disorders. Today, one of the most common corporate workplace injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, which typically runs $33,000 per worker’s compensation claims. Indirect costs include wages paid to the injured employee, wage costs lost through work stoppage, productivity lost through absenteeism, and cost of hiring and training a replacement. Many companies today are offering to buy their employees any equipment they ask for, but oftentimes, it's an overpriced tool labeled "ergo" and actually doesn't solve the root of the employee's problem at all. 

Miscommunication and hurt feelings are another very common issue amongst companies that stall the company's growth and often lead to very expensive turnover rates. Oftentimes, companies invest in one-time workshops from experts in communication and team building...but usually the root cause is not in these skills - it's in diet, fitness, focus, sleep, and stress.

By investing in a service that provides not only wellness education, but also a thorough analysis of where your company's needs are, these lost costs are greatly reduced, productivity is improved, and each employee is motivated, energized, and working in their zone of genius every day. 


How do I keep your people happy and healthy? 

A customized survey is first sent out to all employees to determine demand and priority of wellness needs. After data is collected, I complete a thorough analysis and present a report summarizing the results and my recommendations. Such recommendations may include customized group workshops in various topics that address the root cause of the most common and highly prioritized issuesindividual employee coaching to ensure excellent carryover, and individual ergonomic assessments


What are the benefits of success & wellness workshops and private coaching?

Through workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions, I empower individual employees to discover the ripple effect that they want to have on the company as well as in their personal lives. By doing so, carryover of group workshop material that cover underlying root causes of the surface company issues improve significantly.

Workshop topics include mindset shifts, stress management, effective communication with peers and supervisors, and improving focus and productivity from a health and wellness perspective. Healthy thought patterns lead to healthier habits and vice versa, improving success and productivity as an employee.

Companies are investing in providing their employees with one-o-one coaching in order to improve carryover of workshop material, saving themselves money in the long run, converting unhappy employees into happy ones, and keeping motivated employees in the company. 

Wellness coaching is also extremely effective for those with pre-existing pain conditions. A simple ergonomic assessment and adjustments are more of a short-term bandaid solution. For longer term benefits, employees will learn about pain management and its connection with diet, exercise, and mindset. 


What is an Ergonomic Assessment? 

An ergonomic assessment is an evaluation of an employee's efficiency, risk of injury, and ease of movement in their workstation. On-site adjustments are made to reduce stress, pain, discomfort, repetitive stress injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome, and fatigue, allowing for better productivity, concentration, and health.

"I can't afford to buy all new furniture," OR "I already hired someone to do that..."

A common misperception about ergo assessments is that they are expensive and require the company to then overhaul their office and buy all new expensive furniture. I will tell you that anyone who has entered your office to do this was not an ergonomist - they were a furniture retailer!! 

I save companies a lot of money (ideally before they reach the decision to buy all new furniture) by helping employees adjust their current workstation to better fit their bodies. After all, even Herman Miller chairs are not ergonomic if they are not fit to the individual's body correctly.

Included in each assessment...

Each person receives a  full report detailing specific measurements, on-site adjustments, and specific recommendations for exercises and other adaptive equipment when needed. (Aka, you will never see a recommendation to buy all new chairs for everyone at the office with a discounted price on this and that.)



Jessica came into our law office and conducted a full ergonomic assessment and also provided follow-up reports. The transformation was remarkable! I highly recommend her services to any business owners who are looking to improve their experience (and health) at the office.
— David G., Beverly Hills, April 2016