5 Things to Do When You Feel Shitty at Work

Today is a crappy day for Americans. 

And it might be for many days to come. 

If going to work sucked before, it most likely will suck even more. For those who like their work, the office mood might be really crappy. 

So mourn and grieve if you need to, but be sure to do so with intention. If you're grieving, allow yourself time (or ask for time) to sit with it, and don't try to multitask. Allow yourself to feel the grief or the anger or the frustration. 

But what if you're at work? Think about it this way, if you work for a company whose mission you believe in, our world definitely needs your company to fulfill that good-for-humanity mission. We need you to still produce your best work so that we can move forward together from this. 

So here are a few things you can do when you feel shitty at work and don't want to feel that way any more: 

Decide to be in a good mood. 

Once you make that decision in your brain, it becomes easier to acknowledge the grief and frustration you feel, and instead of engaging with it, you can let it pass through you. 

Force yourself to smile. 

There's research, like Ekam's study in the 90's, that shows that even just the physical act of smiling can begin to turn your mood around and reduce stress. If you do a full smile all the way into your eyes, it can produce a bigger change in brain activity that affects mood. 

Move your body and breathe. 

Go take a walk, run around the office giving hugs, do some squats by your bed. Moving your body and doing deep breathing are two of the easiest and fastest ways to shift your mood. 

Power Pose.

I love Amy Cuddy's power pose. It gives you a huge dose of calm confidence within 2 minutes. Maybe even repeat, "Everything is going to be alright because we each have the power to effect change" while power posing. 

Watch funny YouTube videos.

Ok, maybe check in with your boss to make sure it's ok to take a break and do this first, so you don't get in trouble. Try this video. :) 

What's your favorite thing to do when you feel down at work?