Pain Management Workshop TONIGHT!

Hi everybody, I apologize about being MIA over past two weeks - I've been hard at work on this "Build a SMARTer Lifestyle" Workshop Series, rebranding my website, and working on marketing content (so that I can better share with the world my passion :p) with the very kind and knowledgable business mentor and web designer, Mui Tsun

For the past two weeks on Twitter, I have been posting content regarding pain management in this day and age. My biggest belief is that there is so much more to pain management than just pain pills, brain fog, endless doctor's visits.

Lifestyle change is a big component that is too often overlooked. It's not a magic pill that promises to take away your pain within 30-45 minutes of a swallow - it takes hard work and dedication. Sometimes, the work is so hard that people give up.

My workshop tonight will teach you how you can change your perspective regarding pain management so that you can go on living a meaningful life. You will leave with extra tools to use throughout your everyday life that will help you make lifestyle changes to better manage your pain with less stress and frustration. 

I hope to see you tonight at the Edendale Branch Library on Sunset Blvd. by the Echo Park Lake. We will start at 6:30pm, so grab some coworkers, friends, spouses, and join our group!