Be SMART and Prevent "Resolution-Fail" This Year!

Do you know anybody who is a chronic "resolution-er"? Someone who has a hard time maintaining their big New Year's goals past February? Who are the people around you who joke, "Yea, I made a resolution to lose weight...but then Valentine's Day came around," or "I made a resolution to quit smoking, but then I needed a break at work." 

For those of you who are great at making resolutions and sticking to them, kicking old bad habits cold turkey - give yourself a pat on the back. That worked for you! Society tends to congratulate and glorify those who are able to quit cold-turkey, leaving the ones for which this method does not work to deal with their feelings of inadequacy. 

Just because you can't quit something cold-turkey doesn't mean you're a failure and you should give up trying. The trick is in making baby steps - or SMART Goals. 

What I have found in my experience working with individuals who tend to experience "resolution-fails," is that far too many make goals that are too big, too general, and bound to fail because the only way to success is all-or-nothing. 

So utilize an old post called Creating SMART Goals as you tackle your New Year's Resolutions for 2016. As a recap, SMART stands for: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely 

Here are some common resolution examples along with their corrections: 

  1. I’m going to work out more this year. --> I will go for a walk/swim/yoga class for 30 min once a week until the end of January.

  2. I will quit smoking this year. --> I will smoke (only) one less cigarette than I was smoking before this week. 

  3. I will spend less money. --> I will eat out less than twice a week until the end of January. 

For each goal that you make, consider whether you can make the goal as easy for yourself as possible. The easier it is, the more likely you will achieve it. With each time period that you achieve your goal, you can modify it to make it just a little bit harder. Make sure you congratulate yourself each time you reach one of your smaller SMART goals. You made many baby steps to finally get there! 

Fill out my Free Lifestyle Assessment to get additional help with creating your goals. Be sure to write, "Help with SMART Goals" in the section asking, "What brings you here?" In the meantime, tell your friends/family/chronic resolution-ers that In-Person Initial Evaluations are now down to just $50 for a limited time. Let's get you all started on making and maintaining those goals!