Revamp Your Company Culture for 2017 Starting with Your Mission Statement

What’s the point of your business? What did you create it for? Are you able to explain it in just one or two sentences?

More importantly, can your people (employees, family, and friends) explain it concisely?

If not, the lack of these one or two concise and clear sentences are stopping you from being as successful as you could be with your customers and your employees. 

Your mission statement is the foundation of your company culture.

Your mission statement is used not only to apply for business loans or to tell other people about what you’re all about, but it’s also used to tell your own people what you’re all about. It’s used to tell new potential hires what your purpose is so they can decide if they’re aligned to it or not, whether they believe in your purpose or not and want to work for it. It’s used for you to flush out who you want to hire. It’s used for you to have a sense of direction and focus, to base all decisions related to your business off of.

It's also what your people use to spread the word.

The more concisely and clearly you're able to explain what you do, who you serve, and what values you stand for, the more others around you are able to explain to their family and friends and colleagues about what you do. Think of it as free marketing! Word of mouth is a very powerful form of marketing, so don't overlook it. 

As you can see, creating a mission statement for your company is very important from the get-go. But how do you go about creating a mission statement that really encompasses what you are trying to achieve? How do you squeeze it all in 30 seconds?

Start with these 5 questions:

1.    What is the name of your business?

2.    How do you serve your customers or make their lives better?

3.    How does your company serve its employees?

4.    How does your company serve you as the owner?

5.    How do you serve the community and the world?


Extra tip: Give your business its full value in your mission statement.

It doesn’t need to include curing cancer or ending world hunger in order for it to be significant and real. You do want to create statements that are honest and that you as the business owner feel completely aligned with.

Extra tip #2: Be sure that your mission statement is about YOU...

and not about what sounds good out there. Your customers, as well as your own employees, can definitely see and feel an honest, real mission and those who identify strongly with it will be your most loyal customers and employees.

Share your mission statement below for some feedback!