Being Intentional as a Business Owner Creates Meaning and the Foundation for Culture

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ready to build the most amazing culture for your company this year and see your business grow??

Many people are thinking of their New Year’s Resolutions during this time. Maybe remaining hopeful that this year’s will actually stick or knowing that they’ll try, fail, then toss it aside by February.

However, some set what they call intentions with their goals, and they do much better.

Businesses are the same. Many business goals look like, “We will double our client load” or “we will hire more employees to develop our product.” But by the middle of the year, this doesn’t mean much more than words, either causing feelings of joy or resentment or indifference.


That’s because that one key ingredient is missing: an intention.

Setting an intention with each business goal creates meaning – for you and your people. It provides a sense of united purpose, a common goal that you are all working towards, and sets the groundwork for a culture that you would like your company to have. You also want your intentions to be deeply connected with your company mission and values. Check out this blog post to learn more about identifying these.


Again, intentions create meaning and fortify your company’s purpose. See below.

“We will increase business profits by 50% in 2017” versus “We will increase business profits by 50% in 2017 with the intention of helping those who (need our help.)”  

Which one creates more meaning and is more likely to be worked towards throughout the year by your employees?


Try it out - Use this template when coming up with your business’ (and personal) goals for 2017:


“We will _____ with the intention of doing or being ____.”


Next tip that may even be more important than setting the intentions themselves is making sure business decisions are in alignment with them.

Having intentions also lessens the effects of decision paralysis (when you have so many decisions to choose from but keep spinning around in circles not choosing a single one for fear of choosing the wrong one).

The more you share and discuss these intentions with your entire company, the more help you’ll receive from others in making sure that the company moves in the right direction.


So to create a company culture that includes a collective sense of purpose, 1. Rewrite your business goals so that each one contains an intention, 2. Share these intentions constantly with your people, and 3. Make sure all business decisions are in alignment with your intentions.

Share your intentional business goals below!