3 Ways to Deal with Nasty Coworkers

Last week, I posted a question on Facebook asking for everyone's greatest challenge when it comes to communicating effectively at work and some people mentioned dealing with egotistical individuals who like to blur the boundaries of their job description and ignore basic human manners. Over and over again. 

Scroll down to see 3 tips to deal with such people! 

Set your boundaries from the beginning. 

This can look like writing out the task or question you are asking them as concisely and clearly as possible. (I'll write another post on clear written communication soon.) Writing this out in email form is a good idea as this creates a record. 

Be clear in your expectations. Sometimes, this can be blurred with micromanaging, so be sure that you're not being overbearing, repeating the same things multiple times, or hovering over every single decision being made. Be at least cordial in your correspondences, if not outright kind. 

Kill them with kindness. 

No matter what you do, it's never worth it to be rude back. You can be short, but going out of  your way to be nasty or rude back will leave you feeling angry, resentful, hurt, and probably guilty for a longer period of time. 

If you're frustrated and hurt, acknowledge those feelings, but then just let it pass through you. Have you heard this saying?

“Holding on to anger or a grudge is like holding a burning piece of coal with the intention of throwing it at someone else. You still get burned.”

Focus on yourself. 

Here's another good quote: 

You can never change what’s already happened, but you can change how you react to it.”

You can't change another person's thoughts, actions, beliefs, whatever. So why dwell on that? Instead, you can focus on how you felt when they said/did what they said/did, acknowledge, let it pass through you, and then start thinking about how you can move forward to change that bad feeling into something more positive. 

One way to reset yourself is to set your boundaries (we come full circle.) 


In summary, these are just some of the options that you have, so realize that you are never stuck with someone who is toxic.

What do you do to deal with nasty coworkers at work?