Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi everybody! Today is Chinese New Year, and I've been binging on Jacky Cheung tracks. Even though I FaceTimed with my family during their dinner, I'm missing them especially today - my Dad singing Jacky Cheung songs to my Ma, making wontons from scratch with my grandparents, the big family dinners with my Dad's side of the family. I'm feeling nostalgic for those times when we were kids, and I had to wear a scratchy frilly lace dress, trudging through the rain to visit distant relatives. My parents and grandparents would rehearse the multitude of sayings (恭喜發財,龍馬精神,年年有餘,etc.) as well as the various names of the relatives (三姑媽,九姨婆,三百幅,etc.) in the car before walking up the driveway to the door. And red envelopes! I vowed never to get married so that I would never have to pass out my own red envelopes and to keep receiving them until the end of time. Sometimes it's nice to ride the nostalgia train, right? So...I am wishing everyone a very happy, prosperous, family-filled New Year, as I belt out Jackie Cheung songs!

P.S. It's the year of the Monkey, so let's all let loose a little this year, remember to play, and take time to be silly each day. And if you're into the zodiac stuff, here's a cool article by Refinery 29 to explain the Year of the Fire Monkey. :)