Back-to-School Habits

Summer is officially ending; children and adults alike are heading back to school. Those crazy summer schedules - can you even call them schedules? - peppered with lots of late nights, vacationing, staycationing, jetlagging, etc. are coming to an end. And maybe I'm getting a little older and can't handle crazy spontaneous days like I used to, so the bright side to summer ending is that it means getting back to a regular schedule. As people return to school and are too busy for spontaneity and fun, the rest of the world is also hunkering down to get back to work and deal with annoying coworkers/bosses. And as much as some of us might want to deny it, we all thrive and survive on routine. So take a step down memory lane with me and remember all the things your parents used to nag at you to do once school started (and probably not the ones you adopted in college). Many of those tips are in fact helpful, no matter what age, and even when school is no longer a part of our lives. 

  1. Have a regular bedtime. Sleep is our body's natural way of revitalizing and regenerating what we can of the energy we used up during the day. Without adequate sleep, your body won't be ready for tomorrow. 
  2. Exercise regularly. This might mean changing in to your gym clothes right after work or school. Don't forget to bring a snack bar so that being hungry can't be an excuse to go home. (Guilty!) Try asking a coworker if they want to take a class together - it's always more fun when more people are involved.
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Yes, drinking so much water makes you pee more. But that's a great thing!! If you need to pee more, it means you are changing your body positioning more often, which is especially important for those of us who have computer or desk jobs. More pee, more movement, less pain. 
  4. Prioritize and get your homework done. Remember when you used to keep a planner? No? Ok, well I used to keep a planner and wrote down all the assignments due so I could see which assignments I needed to prioritize. Since school, though, I haven't really touched one. I do use iCal, but not as much as I would like to. Try putting all of your tasks in a planner or calendar and number them according to priority level, so you can be better organized and less stressed out during your day. 

What habits are you excited to get back to?