Stressbuster Challenge: Intentional Time

 Hello! I hope everyone is having a good week! Happy June! 

This week, I am going to introduce the concept of "intentional time." How many times during the day do you look at the clock and think, "What did I just do for 3 hours?" So many of us are busy or on autopilot during the day, and we sometimes forget to keep track of the time. 

Practicing intentionality, or mindfulness, is one way we can feel less stressed, more at ease, and healthier. This simply means turning our full attention to an activity or a thought and realizing that each activity and thought directly impacts ours, and others, experiences. We intentionally take responsibility for our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being Examples of intentional time you can set aside include the following:

  • On your commute to work, you intentionally sit up straight in your seat, perform neck rolls and shoulder shrugs while waiting at the stoplight. 
  • When something stressful happens at work, you decide to return to your own workspace and take 5 deep diaphragmatic breaths. 
  • When spending time with your children, you drop everything you're holding or whatever you are working on to give them your full attention as they tell you about their latest drama at school. 
  • When you're in the shower, you intentionally turn your attention to how your body feels throughout. 

Stressbuster Challenge of the week: have at least one intentional moment in your life each day.

How did it go? What did you choose to be your intentional moments? How did you feel before and after?