Stressbuster Challenge: Quick Stretch Sequence

Ready for another Stressbuster Challenge? This week, I am posting on Monday, so you have the full week to try it out.

Here’s the Stressbuster Challenge for this week: Try this quick stretch sequence every time you take a bathroom break.  

For those of you who are shy or are afraid of someone running into your office while you’re calmly stretching, try it in the bathroom stall.  While you're doing these, please stay mindful of how your body feels before, during, and after. Are you tense in certain areas? Does the stretch help loosen it back up? Do you like this sequence? Are there other times throughout the day that you can utilize these stretches? If you feel any pain while doing these, please stop.

How did you like this stretch break? Does it work for you? When else would you like to use these stretches?