Ergonomic workshops

For the cost efficient corporate office 


Ergonomic tools and workstations are NOT expensive.

The word "ergonomic" on products is actually a sales gimmick. 

Many of us think that buying an ergonomic tool will make us feel better, have less pain, be more "ergonomically correct." 

But that's not true. 

Nothing is "ergonomic" for you unless it is fitted correctly to your specific body and work or task needs.  

So before your employees start burning a hole in your wallet with demands of expensive new standing desks, consider learning the simple principles of ergonomics first. 

But you don't have time for that. 

I have a solution for you. 

My name is Jessica May Tang, and I am an ergonomics workshop leader. 


As a licensed healthcare professional and certified ergonomist, I am a huge advocate for helping companies save money while creating healthier and safer work environments.  

In my workshop, your employees will receive immediately useful tips and education on how to correct their workstations*  from a licensed health professional. 

*Possible side effects include decreased stress, fatigue, and pain. 

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With each ergonomic workshop, your company will get: 

Proper desk setup training

Hacks to reduce/eliminate the need for new furniture or equipment 

Body mechanics and postural training

Stress management techniques 

Improved employee focus, creativity, and productivity

Saved costs on new office furniture

Lowered healthcare costs 

Increased profits 

How It Works

Step 2: Place workshop reservation.

You and your employees are all on the right track in thinking their workstations need to change.

Most people do not have the right set up, resulting in migraines, back pain, neck pain, eye strain, herniated disks, carpal tunnel syndrome...the list goes your healthcare bill goes up. 

But this does not, I repeat: DOES NOT, need to be expensive. AT ALL. 

In fact, most workstations can actually be "changed" without costing anything extra! 

With this workshop, you are investing in a solution that solves the biggest and most common problems for desk workers


Enhancing positive results of your existing wellness program.


Not to mention...

You get to save tens of thousands of dollars each year! 



Example: 100 employee company


$300 per employee

Individual ergo assessments 



for company wide assessments





$22 per employee

only $2269*

*Travel fees may apply for in-person workshops



YOUR SAVINGS = $27,731!